3D Printing!

Career Planning Program

 The HUB highly encourages and supports community employment, this program will focus on career planning strictly for the purposes of self-employment. More specifically, self-employment in the field of additive manufacturing; commonly referred to as 3D Printing. 


3D Printing is the future of everything made!

 In 2013, the 3D printing market was estimated at 4.1 billion dollars. The number is now 21 billion for year 2020 and is estimated to double in size every three years! (3D Hubs, The 3D Printing Trends Report 2019)

3D printers are now commonplace in every school and college, with some schools starting with students as young as 3rd grade.


Barriers to Community Employment

Communication, Behaviors and Self-stimulation, Environmental Stimuli, Productivity. Self-employment by means of 3D printing can alleviate many of these challenges faced by a person with a physical disability. (more)

Where can I learn more about 3D printing?

The following sites are a good source of information to learn more about the specifics of the hardware, software and the industry in general.