Looking Back and to the Future

When this program first started it was a venture into new territory. We have learned a lot since then and we have successfully engineered the program for the most #SmilesPerHour.

Please take a moment to read the post/quote below from several years ago. This statement has been a foundation principle that the karting program has built upon from the beginning. Future innovations and products hold true to the principle as well.

We have much to look forward to :) Thank you for being here with us.

May 12, 2015

Heart of Unlimited Boundaries 501c3

We attended our first "provider fair" today in Union County. We had three karts on display and got the opportunity to explain what we do to several parents and providers.

It's pretty cool to watch their reaction when they realize their kid can do it too.

"But my child is in a wheelchair" (or has severe autism or this challenge or that challenge). "that's ok," I say - "there are lots of kids just like yours, that's why I made them". - Rocky Grimes

Thank you for all of your support!

-The HUB

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