Rain, Rain, go away.

Updated: May 20, 2019

Hello friends! So much rain this spring has affected some of the scheduled classes. It is important to understand that with rain also comes mud and poor track conditions.

You can Help :) We are accepting grass seed donations (shade/sun) and preferably chemical free. As we build up turf on the property it will help track conditions resolve sooner! No bag of grass seed too small or too big :)

Also, please know that we understand cancellations can be difficult for the families in the program and we only cancel when absolutely necessary because although the earth and plants need the rain, it breaks our hearts to disappoint those that count on us!

Rocky will be reaching out to schedule make up classes if you have not heard from him already.

Please Note that Summer is typically drier but of course hotter! Make sure when planing for summer classes that sunscreen, sunglasses and any protective items are in route with you prior to class. Due to recent changes in health regulations we are unable to supply these items on the property and shade is around, but not always easy to find.

Thank you all for your support and participation in the programs. We do this all for you.


Catherine Grimes


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